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About Cadena Latina

Japan's salsa boom probably started in 1976 when the Fania All Stars came to Japan.
In 1979, Japan's first salsa band, Orquesta del Sol, started an orquesta boom, and many bands were born.
As a result, many amateur salsa bands such as Los Borrachos were born, and Japan became a place where people could enjoy live performances of salsa bands and dance.
I think Japan is the only non-Spanish speaking country in the world with so many salsa bands.

However, the activities of large bands are difficult and have many problems, and the opportunities to see large bands are decreasing these days.
Cadena Latina is an event that started in 2005 to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the powerful orquesta sound
and create an event that realizes collaboration with dance that colors the stage.

We respect the band that plays Orquesta Salsa, provide a place to enjoy salsa, and work to let more people know about this fun.

We will develop an event that excites salsa with the theme of "The best live experience through collaboration between Orquesta Salsa and dancers!"